Dr. Butler earned his medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia and interned at Georgia Baptist Hospital. Following a private family practice, he was Chief Medical Officer and COO of Medical Clinics for Men, and has participated in marketing events for Pfizer and Searle.


This unique and proprietary formula represents a two-fold breakthrough; not only does it accomplish it's intended purpose of relieving vaginal dryness, but it will surely be extremely effective for all women by virtue of its stimulatory effect. By improving circulation and accentuating stimulation to the vagina/clitoral region, we feel women of all ages will appreciate this formula.

Yours in good health,
Craig D. Butler, M.D.

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Finally, women have their own secret weapon!

Designed For Women Everywhere!

  • Experience a sensual sensation.
  • The most unique and exciting formula ever developed for women.
  • Be confident again!
  • Light ph balanced gel is ideal to use as often as you need.
  • Using regularly feels like your own natural moisture.
    Increase your sex life!
  • Helps women with a sexual response dysfunction, or lack of interest.
  • No negative side effects!
  • Improving orgasm and sexual performance can be achieved almost immediately!
  • Famed botanicals can bring back that vibrant excitement for you with an orgasmic responsiveness almost immediately!

Completely safe, all natural and no harmful side effects! If you are a woman searching for optimum sexual health and intensified sexual performance, Vazoplex is for you! Doctor designed and clinically tested.


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