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With more and more women not feeling satisfied and men having their little pills to help them in the bedroom, our team of Physicians decided to take action and develop Vazoplex. Now women have their gel to help them in the bedroom.

Clinically Tested

It has been estimated that over one million tubes of Vazoplex have been sold since its release in the 1990s, when it was developed by women for women and then brought to market by Chris Griggs. After hearing about how effective this wonderful product was for women in the bedroom, he believed that women everywhere should feel the great sensations that they deserve.

Family-Owned & Operated

After Chris passed away in 2022, Vazoplex almost fell out of the spotlight until his daughter Lisa stepped up and took over the company's management. Lisa would love to make sure that every woman on the planet gets the pleasure that Vazoplex can bring them. Now, as we relaunch Vazoplex onto the market, she hopes that every woman experiences this pleasure. She likes to say, “Men have their little pill. Now, women have Vazoplex.”

Meet The Team

Dr. Ron Disalvo, R&D

Dr. Ron Disalvo has directed the world’s top beauty brands to unbelievable long-term success with his unique state-of-the-art formulations and cutting-edge technology. Dr. DiSalvo served as Vice President of Research & Development for Redkin Laboratories, and was Director of Research & Development for Paul Mitchell.

Lisa Griggs, Vice President

Self-made success Lisa Griggs is an entrepreneur, lecturer, motivator, marketer, and author who in 1993 at age 20, launched her first company Party Gals, recruiting and training a sales force of 5,000 women that grew into the largest and fastest-growing party planning business, grossing millions of dollars in its 22 years of operation. With marketing savvy and her passion to help others, she has founded 10 non-profits and start-ups including BeautymarkRx, Stemetrix, and Gerovicap. Lisa is now CEO of Veracity Marketing, as well as Vice President of Vazoplex, where she is working on the relaunch of this product, not only with her marketing background but also by starting an affiliate program where customers of Vazoplex can also earn commissions by referring the product to others.

David J. Kuff, PR

David J. Kuff is an advertising, marketing and corporate communications executive with 20+ years experience. He has developed successful campaigns and product launches for beauty, skin care and health and wellness clients promoting a strong image to the press, stakeholders and consumers.